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Privacy Policy

Jin  Gwang Industrial Co., Ltd.
(hereinafter 'Company' ), your personal information is important , " Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection" are in compliance with Act .

Privacy Policy Through the company provide us your personal information for any purpose, and you are being used in a manner , and to protect personal information and to inform you that no action will be taken . Company to amend the Privacy Policy , the Web Site Notice (or individual notification) will be announced through .

ο This policy effective from October 1, 2013 is

The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

The company collected personal information is utilized for the following purposes .

ο service providers and service providers on the implementation of the contract price adjustment in accordance with
Content providers , purchasing and billing , delivery of goods , such as billing or shipping

ο Member Management
Membership in accordance with service identification , bad members to prevent unauthorized use and unauthorized use of the anti- join, OK doctor ,
10,014 children under the age of consent when collecting personal information Check the legal representative , delivery notices

ο utilized in marketing and advertising
Promotional events and information delivery , access , or member's service to determine the frequency statistics for

Items of personal information collected

Register company , counseling, services for application etc. The following are collecting personal information .
ο we collect : name, date of birth, gender, login ID, password , home telephone number, home address, cell phone number , company name , department, job title, company phone number , marital status, anniversary, Access Log , Cookie, Access IP Information
ο How we collect personal information : Website (

Period of possession and use of personal information

In principle, the collection and use of personal information after we achieve the objective , the information will be destroyed without delay . However, pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations that need to be preserved if the company is as follows: for a period of time specified in the relevant laws to hold member information .
Preserved items : name, gender, login ID, password , home telephone number, home address, cell phone number, e-mail
Based conservation : Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act
Shelf life: members to withdraw

For cancellation of the contract or the records : 5 years ( Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act )
Payment and a record of supply of goods : 5 years ( Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act )
Consumer complaints or disputes about the record : 3 year ( Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act )

Destruction of personal information , and how to process

The company , in principle, achieve the purpose of the collection and use of personal information after it has been to destroy the information without delay . Destruction procedures and methods are as follows:

ο Destruction Procedures
Register as a member for the information you enter is stored in the DB , the personal information held by law if you are not a stand which will not be used for any other purpose .

ο Method of destruction
Personal information stored in electronic files that can not be played records are deleted using technical means .

Provide personal information

The company , in principle, users' personal information is not provided on the outside . However, if the exception is below.
- If the user agrees to the pre-
- Act in accordance with the provisions of , or investigation for the purpose specified in the regulations in accordance with the procedures and methods , if the needs of law enforcement agencies

Charge of personal information collected

Your company , without the consent of your information will not consign . If such a need arise in future , the handler which consigns to your notice about the contents and, if necessary, ask for permission .

And the legal representative of the rights of users and how those events

Users and their legal representative is registered at any time or such personal information from children under the age of 14 can modify the query or unsubscribe may be requested.
User or personal information from children under the age of 14 in order to modify the query , " Change Personal Information " (or " Edit Profile " , and so on) unsubscribe ( withdrawal of consent ) in order to " delete my account " , click the checkout process you go through after the new direct access, correction or withdrawal is possible.
Or writing to the Privacy Officer , please contact by phone or e-mail will take steps without delay .
For errors in your personal information and request correction if the correction is completed or until you use the personal information does not provide The wrong personal information to third parties if you have already provided the results of the correction process to a third party notified without delay so that the correction will be made ​​.
Jingwang Industrial Co., at the request of the user , or the legal representative or delete personal information that is terminated by a " jingwang Industrial Co., the possession and use of personal information collected Period" as specified in the reading process and other purposes , or process is used to prevent .

Automatic collection of personal information of the device installation, operation, and details on the rejected

Company store and find your information from time to time 'cookies (cookie)' , and will operate . Cookies jingwang Industrial Co., Ltd. which is used to operate the Web site , your browser sends to the server a very small text files stored on your computer's hard disk . Companies for the following purposes: to enable cookies.

▶ use cookies and other purposes
- Members and non-members to the time of analysis, frequency of access or visit , user's tastes and interests help us to understand , identify various events , such as participation degree and number of visits through targeted marketing and personalized services
- You have the choice to install cookies . Therefore, the options in your web browser to accept all cookies or by setting a cookie will be saved each time through confirmation , or to reject all cookies , or you may

▶ How to refuse cookies settings
How to refuse the setting of cookies used by the member by selecting the options on your web browser to accept all cookies , or cookies every time you save through confirmation , or reject all cookies can be

Example of how to set (for Internet Explorer) :
At the top of the Web browser, go to Tools> Internet Options > Privacy

However, if you were rejected by the installation of cookies can be difficult to provide the services .

Privacy on the civil service

Company to protect the privacy of our customers personal information to process and complaints regarding the following departments and has designated Privacy Officer .

Customer service department : Customer Care
Phone: +82-31-767-8441
Email :

Privacy Officer Name: Yun jeong hun
Phone: +82-31-767-8441
Email :

He used the services of your company that occur hasimyeo complaints regarding privacy or personal information manager can be reported to the department . Report of the users for the company to meet will be happy to answer quickly enough .

Other reports of privacy violations or if you need advice , please contact the following organizations Republic of Korea .

1 Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
2 Information Security Mark Certification Committee ( ~ 4)
3 Prosecutor's Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
4 Cyber ​​Terror Response Center (