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Website Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)
① The Terms " jingwang Industries Ltd. (the" Company ") and the customer (" Member ") agreement between the goods and communication services , travel services (" Services ") on the terms and conditions and procedures , and the necessary information
information is made for the purpose of setting forth .

Article 2 ( Definition of Terms)
① What the members approved the agreement and pay the fee by the Management Company has been completed on the computer entry means a person who provides services .
② What travel companies , telecommunications , life services, operations / management " jingwang Industrial Co. " refers to .

Article 3 ( Membership )
① This member's eligibility criteria as men and women over the age of 18 , the company must go through a predetermined screening criteria .

Article 4 ( time of service member's duty -ray tube )
① attention as a good manager with all members use the service and should be managed .
② Communication and wellness online shopping service , but should be used .
③ transfer this service to others , can be used as a positive purpose .

Article 5 (rates and duration of use )
① members to pay fees and charges and the payment of the way , depending on what type of service may be otherwise specified , the contents will be announced separately by following the instructions .
② the period of use of the service date of the company's service standards for each type of service can put differential .

Article 6 ( Members of the rights and benefits )
Members of the Management and Services for the details of the registered or recorded in a separate brochure mailed to home is the key .

Article 7 ( Members of the available range)
Under the six about the use of the various services offered by the company range and immediate family member , as a rule, limited to



Article 8 ( service and qualifications )
① qualifying customers call a company gift certificate sent to the customer , and the customer service after the registration process is available.
② All services provided by the company during the period of use can be utilized.
③ time of service, a member of the company management employee verification process that requires members (member name and member number, etc.) comply in good faith and in the case of refractory may not receive services .
④ Members of the Company and the separate partners ( service providers) can use the facilities or services .
⑤ All services through the company's reserve shall be used.
Failure to comply with ten thousand days For lack of service in the company is not responsible .
⑥ partner companies depending on the circumstances of the service change or may not be supported , as Member Services in advance to check through the history of the company shall be used.
If OK, not limited to obligations incurred by the member to be responsible for the content shall be .

Article 9 ( hangbyeongwon )
① when using the services provided by third-party dispute between the members and partners to resolve , and in good faith efforts to resolve the dispute , despite a dispute which is not settled amicably with the case based format to request the company to resolve
may request compensation .
② ① protest if the amount of compensation recoverable by the Company from third parties should, in principle, to be paid to the members .


Article 10 ( cancellation of contract )
① Members grant agreement 14 days from the date of receipt , just received grant agreement than the supply of goods or the supply of late initiated within 14 days may be canceled . ② cases where members receive a grant agreement , the Company addresses, which are not listed in the contract or if the company had issued a change of address for reasons such as cancellation of contract within the period referred to in paragraph (1) , and if you can not find the address was not me or canceled within 14 days from the date of
can .
③ ① the first paragraph , the first ② is withdrawn in accordance with the contract , the company received from members all services, products, the full return ( restitution ) should be . Service to the customer and the company , the purchase price returned products , but according to the normal schedule service ratio ( normal usage is calculated according to the following ) remaining after deducting the purchase price will be returned. However, the customer has already services, products , or use services by opening , in the event of damage to the product , subject to the following ratio calculated using the above losses due to normal usage conditions that exceed the deductible if the following services ,
use products according to the ratio of losses remaining after deducting the amount of purchases will be returned.

1 .
Normal usage (normal usage ratio of -service period shall apply )
Period |
months   | 1 ~ 2 months | 2 ~ 3 months | 3 ~ 4 months | 4 ~ 5 months | 5 ~ 6 months | 6 ~ 7 months | 7 ~ 8 months | 8 ~ 9 월 | 9 ~ 10 months
Utilization | 10% | 23%    |     27%      |     30%      |      40%      |      50%     |      60%     |     70%      |    80%   |    90%

Two .
Use ratio ( the ratio of goods on return - goods are targeted )
| Services , the return of goods in good condition when | 10%
Service conditions of use | Services , the return of goods if the state is a little bad | 50%
| Services , the return of goods if the state is very poor | 80%
※ ratio compared to normal usage and use up to select .

④ members corresponding to the following cases when one can not be canceled .
1 .
Members are responsible for four euros a lost or damaged goods, etc. If you just as good as the package to verify the contents of the case except undermined .
Two .
The customer's use or consumption of goods by some of its value . FedEx
Three .
Difficult by the passage of time so the resale value of goods . FedEx
Four .
Replication is possible , if damaged the packaging of goods


Article 11 ( notification obligation)
Members of the addresses , phone numbers, work and other important details of the changes to the company shall be notified immediately .
Breach of duty due to the notice of the members of the company are not responsible disadvantage .

Article 12 ( Conditions of Approval and Change )
① The company information to the members of these terms and conditions must be notified in writing , the terms of this notice from the company after a 10 days from the date of the Terms shall be deemed approved .
② If you want to change these terms and conditions the company website of its contents disclosed to a member of one month from the date of application , if not disputed shall be deemed to have accepted the revised terms .


Article 13 ( Suspension and withdrawal of membership )
A member of the following subparagraphs , if applicable, without further notice procedures membership, or stop using the service can be paused .
① legal fees required for service members ( taekbaebi , prepaid , etc.) in the case of denial of payment for
② when using third-party , without justifiable reason, if unreasonable demands and damages brought
③ 10 days prior to expiration and re- deposit the absence of a request for extension


Article 14 ( reactivation )
① rejoin members only discount offers and special giveaways .
② recommended for affiliate membership available to provide additional points .


Article 15 ( a court of competent jurisdiction )
① litigation regarding the transaction pursuant to the terms and conditions herein junhamyeo the jurisdiction of the legislation of the Republic of Korea Seoul Eastern District Court shall be the court .
② This Agreement from October 1, 2013 shall apply.