Line Up

  Bulk Type 10:1 (200 kg / 20 kg)

ConfiAd offers mammoth sized type of bulk

- For fabrication in general
- Economic for mass production
- Needed to keep accurate mixing ratio of component A & B

ConfiAd offers over 1,050 colors to cover most surfacing products from leading to small.

- Refer to Color Match Chart
- Custom colors available upon request

ConfiAd offers 3 different cure types.

- Standard cure type in stock
- Rapid cure type for mass production upon request
- Slow cure type for elevated temperature season or 
   areas upon request


Work and Fixture Time at 22(72)

Cure Type Rapid Standard Slow

Work Time, min

8-13 14-19 25-30

Fixture Time, min

16-21 28-33 50-55



Cartridge Type

Cartridge 10:1 Type (50ml)
Cartridge 10:1 Type (75ml)
Cartridge 10:1 Type (250ml)
Cartridge 10:1 Type (485ml)

Tube Type

Tube 17:1 Type(Standard) (63ml)
Tube 17:1 Type(Installation) (63ml)

Bulk Type

Bulk  10:1 Type(20Kg, 4Kg)
Bulk  10:1 Type(200Kg, 20Kg)